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Are you hosting a giveaway on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, or Periscope? Sweeties Picks in the business to help you promote your giveaways so you can get more entries.

Your Prize Value: At least one of the prizes you are giving away must be valued at $25 or more. If at least one of your prizes is not valued at $25 or more and you paid for a listing, your money will be refunded.

Tracking and Referral Links: We DO NOT accept referral links to help you get more entries into a sweepstakes or other giveaway. We DO accept tracking links you get from a brand as part of a blogger campaign and or if you want to track traffic coming from Sweeties Picks.

Limited States Giveaways: We DO NOT ACCEPT giveaways that are only open to a few states or if the prize is only good in certain states. Winners must be able to use the prize no matter what state they live in. Example of what we do not accept: tickets for an amusement park in one state. Gift card to a restaurant in one state, etc.

Listing Fees: Submitting your giveaway does not guarantee a listing on Sweeties Picks. We get a lot of submissions each day and cannot list them all. If you pay to have your giveaway featured, we will list it within one business day (unless you paid late Friday afternoon over the weekend and then it will be listed on Monday).

What You Get for a $10 Featured Listing:

- a post with your giveaway details on
- your giveaway shared with our Twitter Followers (4,800+ fans)
- your giveaway shared with our Facebook Fans (5,670+ fans)
- your giveaway added to our daily giveaway email (1,800 subscribers)
- your giveaway listed in the Daily Roundup
- your giveaway will remain in the Featured Section until it is over
Refunds/Duplicate Giveaways: We reserve the right to refund your money if you submit a questionable or duplicate giveaway or are part of a blog campaign that only has one giveaway widget and another blogger has already submitted the giveaway.

Questions? Email Wendy "Sweetie" at [email protected] and please check out the Sweeties Pick's stats page for up-to-date information about traffic and social numbers.
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  • If you add your Twitter user name we will tag you in a tweet when your giveaway is live
  • Example: Trendy Mom's Sony Digital Camera Giveaway
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    We only accept giveaways that are open to all of the US states (with the exception of AK & HI). If your giveaway is open to Canada, but is void in Quebec, we will also accept it.
    Optional. Tell the reader if they can earn bonus entries by following completing various activities like following your social accounts, pinning an image, etc, and/or sharing on Twitter or Facebook.
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  • Please give the full list of prizes, how many of each and the value of each prize. Example: one iPad ARV: $400
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  • By checking YES you agree that the prize you are offering is valued at $25 or more and that it is not an eBook. We do not accept eBooks, Free Kindle books, or discount coupons as prizes.
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