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Wendy Sweeties Limauge, Sweeties Brand, Sweeties SweepsMy name is Wendy “Sweetie” Limauge. I own Sweeties Brand, Inc.

While hosting a Book Review Party for our Connecticut friends, I found that authors need a way to get their books more exposure so I created Sweeties Picks to help author let the public learn about their fabulous work.

My Mama, Rose Marie Ward, was an avid reader and also writer. Mama Rose wrote a lot of poems and stories but was never able to publish a book before she passed away. She always had a dream of owning a bookstore and never had the chance to make it happen so this site is dedicated to her. Here is one of my favorite stories/poems that Mama wrote about her grandmother’s favorite rocking chair.

Ancestral Chair
by Rose M. Ward

As I rock in my Grandmother’s chair, I feel that I rocked in this chair a long time ago. I try to recall scenes from my children, and it starts to come back to me. I see this chair sitting still and empty. Then a little girl with a doll climbs into the chair and rocks it as her mother used to do when she was small. The girl’s face is so familiar that I must know her. It occurs to me that what I’m seeing is a scene from my own childhood when I used to rock in grandmother’s chair just as I still do. I do not know how many previous generations before my own may have rocked here, but I feel certain that this chair and I are a link in the chain of continuity.

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Sweeties Picks was launched in April of 2013 and is a division of Sweeties Brand, Inc. We feature books, authors and movie news. We also help authors promote their books through giveaways. Contact us today to see what we can do for you and to get examples.

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